• A juice cleanse is a great way to help your body reboot, give your digestive system a break, and infuse your body with tons of micronutrients that we'd normally not get in our busy day-to-day schedule. Staying on top of health and wellness takes practice, patience, consistency, and time and adding a 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day cleanse program is a great way to start. Enhancing your body's detox mechanisms and infusing powerful plant-based micronutrients into your body has so many benefits. A health reboot and flush promotes cellular repair, enhanced cellular, tissue, and organ function, and helps to re-align and re-focus your health. Our juices are always a higher vegetable-to-fruit ratio, always organic, always raw for the most nutritionally dense profile, never heated or HPP'd, pressed on the day of your pick-up or delivery, and now filled in re-usable glass bottles! This cleanse program is a mix of our greens juices. Suitable for more regular cleansers.

  • Each day consists of: 3 Greens 101, 3 Greens 201, 2 Sabroso, 2 Skin Tonic (All bottles 250 mL), and 2 Packages of Chia Seeds (15 g each).

  • Free delivery is available within a 15 km radius of our Parkdale Juice Shop or you can pick up your order from our Parkdale Juice Shop. For more information, click HERE.

  • For specific pre-, during-, & post-cleanse instructions, click HERE.

  • Get a free bottle of Cold-Pressed Juice for every 10 empty bottles you bring back to our Parkdale JUICE SHOP.

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