The Raw Fuel Reboot Instructions

THE RAW FUEL REBOOT (2-day/3-day)

Take a look through these helpful tips to ensure you achieve the most out of your reboot. If you've got any questions, send us an email at

    Right Before & During Your Reboot.

    We highly recommend immediate refrigeration of all juices, smoothies & raw foods, as they are not treated to extend shelf life and will last 3-5 days in refrigeration, depending on the item. It is important that you start your Raw Fuel Reboot the day after receiving it.

    Here are some general guidelines to help you during:

    - Drink each juice and smoothie slowly to promote maximal absorption and chew the raw foods slowly to improve digestion.

    - Avoid consuming anything that isn't part of your Raw Fuel Reboot in order to maximize your clean eating transformation. Each juice, smoothie and raw food item is packed with macro- and micro-nutrients, which are highly absorbable by the gut and quickly delivered throughout the body.

    - Follow the Daily Schedule: 

    You may experience some symptoms of body detoxification including fatigue and irritability especially if you are new to raw juices and raw foods. This is normal and could indicate a typical adjustment period for your body. Drink plenty of water throughout your day (between juices, smoothies, and foods but not immediately after to prevent diluting digestive enzymes).

    To maximize your clean eating transformation, take responsibility in self care opportunities. Do yoga. Get outside. Meditate. Stretch. Practice mindfulness and do body awareness exercises. Perform a daily gratitude. Encourage body perspiration and exfoliate your skin. Relax and enjoy and finally make sure you get a great night's sleep each night. 

    After You've Successfully Completed.

    Congratulations on completing! You may notice some positive changes such as improved digestion, an improved skin tone, or a more uplifted mood. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a rich menu of colourful fruits and vegetables will go a long way. Kick out the processed "foods" as much as you can and feel the difference because your body really does prefer the real thing!

    Lastly, take a moment to thank yourself because YOU DID IT!

    P.S. Every time you bring back your glass empties, we track it. 10 empties gets you a free juice! If you're doing a 5-day cleanse, you'll get 5 free juices when you bring back your 50 empties! Help us by allowing us to re-use. We thank you in advance for rinsing your empties.