Level 4 Cleanse - All Green Instructions

Take a look through these helpful tips to ensure you achieve the most out of your cleanse. If you've got any questions, please feel free to send us an email at hello@urbanjuicepress.ca.

Before You Begin.

Before starting your juice cleanse, we recommend doing the following one to two days prior:

  • Reduce any processed foods from your diet;
  • Focus on eating more organic whole foods incorporating lots of raw vegetables;
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

During Your Cleanse.

We highly recommend immediate refrigeration of all juices. Our cold-pressed juices are good through 4 days in refrigeration (enzymes are still alive by day 4). Note that each item was prepared on the day of pick-up or delivery for guaranteed freshness! It is important that you begin the Level 4 Cleanse - All Greens, the day after receiving it.

Daily Schedule:

Upon Waking: Greens 101

Breakfast: Green Harvest

Morning Snack 1: Greens 201

Morning Snack 2: Greens 101

Lunch: Green Harvest

Afternoon Snack 1: Sabroso

Afternoon Snack 2: Greens 101

Dinner: Sabroso

After Dinner: Greens 201

Before Bed: Greens 201

You may experience some symptoms of body detoxification including fatigue and irritability especially if you are new to fasting and cleansing. This is normal and means your body is going through some increased detoxification processes as toxins are being flushed into extra-cellular spaces and into your digestive system for elimination. In order to flush these toxins out, drink plenty of water throughout your day. Add in those chia seeds too to help bind and remove toxins!

Reduce any stress you might have. Do some yoga. Stretch. Practice mindfulness. Perform a daily gratitude. Encourage body perspiration and exfoliate your skin. Relax, enjoy and finally make sure you get a great night's sleep each night.


Congratulations! Notice any positive changes such as regulated digestion and more radiant skin. It's important to adopt a lifestyle where raw organic consumption of fruits and vegetables is plentiful. Your body likes it simple and it runs better on the familiarity of the planet's natural foods. Lastly, take a moment to thank yourself because you did it!

To help your transition back to solid foods, we recommend doing our 2-day Post-Cleanse Transition.

P.S. Every time you bring back your glass empties, we track it. 10 empties gets you a free juice! Help us by allowing us to re-use. We thank you in advance for rinsing your empties.