How is the juice made?

Cold-pressing is the best way to make juice. With the help of a hydraulic press, two heavy duty plates move toward each other, mechanically squeezing shredded organic vegetables and fruits and the result is the purest form of juice that tastes amazing and lasts longer than juice made in a spin-juicer. 

Your juices are just a tad on the pricey side. Care to share?

Each serving of juice contains nearly one-and-a-half pounds of fresh organic vegetables and fruit. In our greenest greens juice, you're drinking nearly six black kale leaves squeezed into pure juice! Our health-passionate and dedicated team works hard to press the highest of quality juices, giving your body pure nourishment. 

I've noticed that there is sometimes a build-up of white looking sediment inside my juices. 

This occurs with all juices with pressed ginger and often lemon. Ginger likes to settle to the bottom of the bottle as does lemon particles. Other juices have similar settling of plant material such as turmeric. This is normal and healthy for raw juice. 

Why are your juices filled to the top?

We fill our juices to the brim because oxygen interacts with nutrients and enzymes and lowers the nutrient profile. We want to ensure that our juices are the most nutritious and best tasting!

Are all of your products raw? 

All of our juices are unpasteurized, meaning they are indeed raw. Unlike some cold-pressed juice companies, we do not believe in any form of pasteurization since pasteurization denatures proteins and enzymes, significantly reducing the nutritional content of the juice. 

Do you use all organic produce and ingredients? 

Yes, almost all of the time. Pineapples are sometimes difficult to source during some parts of the winter but rest assured that we only use organic for everything else and more often than not, organic pineapples. The good news about pineapples is that they are on the "Clean 15" list. 

How long do your products last?

Our juices are living because they have not been high pressure processed or heat pasteurized and they need to be kept refrigerated. It's best to drink our juices as soon as possible but you can drink them with confidence 3-4 days after they have been pressed in our kitchen. Look for the date sticker on the back of your bottle and it should be good through the end of that day. 

What are the benefits of drinking a juice without doing a cleanse?

Each juice is packed with bio-available plant nutrients that your body will readily absorb with minimal work on your digestive system. Your body will be infused with important live plant enzymes and micronutrients that most people do not get enough of for optimal cellular and organ function. Add some of our juices to your regular daily diet and notice the positive changes for yourself. 

Should I follow the juice cleanse instructions exactly? 

The juice cleanse instructions and tidbits of information are guidelines to help you along the way. The recommended schedule and sequence of juices to consume was designed to work with your body's natural rhythm. Following the instructions will ensure your cleanse will go as smoothly as possible.  

What should I expect from a cleanse?

Every individual is different. Don't be alarmed if you experience detox symptoms as this is indicative of the juices doing their work. Drink lots of water between juices to flush toxins from your digestive system. Also, try to follow the cleanse as closely as you can. Each cleanse comes with an instructions sheet. 

What are some symptoms of detoxification?

Symptoms are wide-ranged and every individual is different. Depending on how much toxin accumulation you have in your body tissues and organs, symptoms may vary in degree. Some people may experience the following: headaches, lethargy, mood changes and irritability, acne, muscle soreness and muscle fatigue, flu-like symptoms including enlarged lymph nodes. You will be able to eliminate these symptoms during your cleanse with proper amounts of sleep and hydration. Try to do a cleanse when you know you will have plenty of time for rest and relaxation. Try to do a pre-cleanse before you start your cleanse, meaning that you should drink plenty of water, add some lemon to your water, and eat whole organic fruits and vegetables that are uncooked. 

Should I do a cleanse if I am currently taking a prescription? 

You should speak to your primary care provider as there may be contraindications.

What if I am diabetic?

These juices have a high natural sugar content. Our juices strive to follow the 80-20 rule (80% vegetable juice-20% fruit juice). Some of our juices have a higher fruit juice content. Talk to your primary care provider beforehand. 

What if I am pregnant?

It is best to wait until after pregnancy as these cleanses release built up toxins from fatty tissues into your blood circulation for it to be eliminated from the body. As well, because you are carrying another person, your body needs a higher amount of macronutrients in addition to micronutrients. Feel free to add our juices to your regular healthy diet to improve your micronutrient profile intake. 

Can children do a juice cleanse?

It is not recommended as children are still growing rapidly and they need more macronutrients to support optimal growth. Children can absolutely add cold pressed juices to their regular diets. Try introducing more raw whole foods to support better health. Better to add than eliminate. 

Why is my stool red during my cleanse?

This is normal because of the dark pigmentation in the beets. 

Will I lose weight?

Most people do typically lose some weight, however the goal of this cleanse is to focus on elimination of accumulated environmental toxins and improve overall health. 

Can I eat during my cleanse?

It's up to you. Drinking these juices in abundance each day will still have strong positive overall effects on your body. If you are a beginner, you may feel as though you'll need to eat some whole foods. Keep positive and do your best! Consider staring out with our more gentle cleanse.

Do people feel hungry while doing a cleanse? 

Each person is different. Try to space out your juices by 1.5 to 2 hours to help maintain normal blood sugar. Try going to bed before 10 PM each night while on your cleanse so that your body can fully rejuvenate during sleep and not consume too much energy. Because our juices are unpasteurized and organic, they are micronutrient dense. The juices also contain plentiful macronutrients to keep your body going throughout the day.

Do your juices contain any sugar?

Our cold pressed juices contain no added refined sugars. Our juices do, however contain some naturally occurring plant sugars, which your body recognizes and utilizes as an energy source. 

Why should I do a juice cleanse instead of just eating raw fruits and vegetables?

A juice cleanse provides instant plant nourishment to your entire body whereas eating raw fruits and vegetables is a time-consuming process whereby the digestive system has to input much more energy to reap the benefits of plant nutrients. Each juice is also much more nutrient dense than eating a handful or two of raw fruits and vegetables. We highly encourage regular consumption of raw organic fruits and vegetables too as a source of fibre when not doing a juice cleanse. Both juicing and raw vegetables and fruits are excellent for the body!

Can I exercise during my cleanse?

Absolutely! You may consider reducing your fitness program to a lighter intensity during this time and focus on stretching and going for a massage to help the body release more toxins. Respect your body's energy levels. 

Do you guys offer corporate juice cleanses?

Please send us an email for more information at hello@urbanjuicepress.ca.