Found: Locally pressed organic juices at Bridgehead

Justin Gauthier, co-owner of Urban Juice Press, prepares a batch of carrots for pressing. Justin has recently launched a new raw organic juice company that is in all Bridgehead locations and growing in a wholesale approach. Assignment - 119496 Photo taken at 15:13 on January 8.

Wayne Cuddington / Ottawa Citizen

What: Urban Juice Press juices — raw, organic, cold-pressed juices made in Ottawa. While the new company’s cleanses come with more types, three blends are now available at Bridgehead coffee shops: Greens 101, which contains kale, cucumber, apple and celery; Immune Supercharge, with carrot, apple, beet, lemon and ginger; and Happy Rabbit, with carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and pineapple.

Why: According to the labels, Greens 101 will alkalize, energize and hydrate; Immune Supercharge will reduce inflammation, detoxify and fight colds and flus; Happy Rabbit supports vision, provides anti-oxidants and gives you a vibrant glow. Beyond all that, though, the jewel-bright juice blends taste delicious, healthy and refreshing.

Justin Gauthier, who started the company in March with partner Tyler Saikaly, says he’d been juicing at home for a while when he visited New York City and discovered juice companies that deliver to area outlets.

“I thought, ‘let’s bring that here.’ ”

They incorporated soon after, found a commercial kitchen to rent in Vanier, and were picked up by Bridgehead in mid-November. Gauthier, who recently quit his day job, presses mounds of organic fruit and vegetables and delivers fresh juices daily to Bridgehead.

“We do foresee opening a store at some point, but for now we’re really busy just filling orders.”

Where: All Bridgehead outlets (usually in a metal ice bucket near the cash), Nature’s Buzz off Beechwood, and online for three-day cleanses.

How much: $6.95 per 250-mL bottle retail; $190 to $200 for three-day cleanses, which include 27 330-mL bottles of juices.