Doing a Juice Cleanse for the First Time

by Justin Gauthier October 22, 2016

Have you thought about doing a juice cleanse but you’re unsure about the whole process?

How it might make you feel?

Or maybe you question the claims that you see on the internet?



This questioning stage is a good place to begin because it means you’ve identified that your body needs some sort of health reboot for reasons that vary from person to person - maybe you’ve been feeling like you need a nutritional reset or you’ve been feeling fatigued more than normal, or you’ve had a sense of malaise lately, or you’ve been experiencing symptoms of irregular digestion, or you have inflammation that you need to kick, or you just feel that it’s time to cleanse the body of built-up toxins that you know are coming from your diet and environment.

body and self awareness

 Well, good on you for pausing and reflecting! You’ve become more self-aware and you should applaud yourself for tuning in and listening to your body!



The next step might be to follow a detox program and for many, a juice cleanse is a great way to go. I hope to help you with the decision making process by detailing what exactly a juice cleanse is and how it works.  

time to detox with a juice cleanse

Claims aside, if you think about what exactly a juice cleanse is, you might feel more comfortable about the entire process, So to break it down,

  • A juice cleanse is really a juice feast with pure plant-based nutrition. Flooding your body with the nutrients from fresh pressed organic vegetables and fruits in high concentration because it’s in juice form, your body receives way more micronutrients than you’d normally get in a regular day. It's concentrated nutrition that's real, plant-based, and it can't get any purer than this!
  • Cold-pressing allows those plant-based nutrients to stay alive longer and it removes most of the fibre so that your digestive system can quickly and easily absorb a very high amount of those nutrients which then enters your bloodstream. Since the fibre is removed, it means that the nutrients are quickly and easily absorbed with very little effort by your digestive system.
  • It allows your digestive system time to heal and repair because it hardly has to work when you're on a juice cleanse. Every day, the food we eat puts stress on the digestive system to break down nutrients, move the foodstuff along the tract, and absorb the broken down nutrients. The average Canadian and American diet causes harm to the digestive system with “anti-nutrients”, inflammatory foods, and foods that cause sensitivity or allergic responses that can have long term debilitating effects.  
  • Juice cleanses are calorically restrictive and this puts the body into a defensive “food scarcity” response causing the body to conserve its energy and up-regulate apoptosis (programmed cell death) of old, diseased, or less optimal cells. This is especially important at halting cancer growth and if you want to read more about this topic, I'd recommend taking a look at The Gerson Institute
  • A juice cleanse will enhance your body’s detoxification systems by giving all the right empowering conditions and nutrients it needs. Equipped with a super-dose of highly absorbable vitamins and antioxidants, your body will be fuelled with the right nutrition.


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Justin Gauthier
Justin Gauthier


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